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If you are new to LSN or have used the service but never became a member, today is the day you take the next step and join the Local Sales Network community.  There are several benefits to being a member. The most recognized benefit is being able to post ads. However, if you are a bargain hunter and want to stay organized, adding deals to your favorites is a great way to keep up with the latest ads of interest.  Creating a favorite list of items is a convenient way to relocate ads for reference and compare bargains or research before making a purchase. Some advertisers also have their privacy settings to only show phone numbers to members.

So join your friends, family, and neighbors on  Sign up now to start posting ads and making deals like a pro!  Membership has its privileges.

Follow the below instructions:

1. From the Homepage, click the Register button


2. Complete the short registration form information and click the Register button on the form agreeing to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy



3. Check your email for the account activation message. It could take a couple minutes fr the email to arrive in your inbox.  If you can not locate the message in your inbox, try checking other folders (spam, trash) or tabs (promotions, etc).  Once you locate the email there will be two options of account activation available and your login credentials:

  1. Click the link to verify the email address
  2. If the link is not clickable, a 5 digit pin will be provided to confirm your account.



4. Complete activating your account and login.  You will be redirected to your profile page to select a account type (private or business) and add additional contact information.

That's it... you are registered and ready to start posting item for sale.

If you have any questions, please send a message to our help desk so our support staff can assist you.  Thanks for joining!


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