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Here's how it works

1. The featured Ad layout uses premium page positioning with a large presence to engage users. Each featured Ad selectively rotates at the top and bottom of the “browse all” and categorized listings, providing more locations to showcase your featured Ad and increase the reach of your investment. See Fig 1.

2. In addition to better visibility while browsing listings, featured ads that match a user’s search criteria will receive those same positioning advantages, attracting more attention in the search results. See Fig 2.

3. An entirely new opportunity to showcase featured ads now appears on the (Ad detail) page. This additional exposure will add functionality for the shopper and value to your purchase! See Fig 3.

4. Your ads will also be highlighted as standard listings, however people search, sort, and browse LSN your featured Ad will stand out. See Fig 4.



Fig 1. Browsing 
As shoppers browse LSN’s categories, your featured Ad will grab their attention. Rotating on the top and bottom of the category listing pages and also in the “browse all” listings. See the below example:


In this scenario, the shopper is browsing the listings in the Automotive category.

In this scenario, the shopper is browsing the listings in the Browse All category.


Fig 2. Searching 
If a shopper is searching for specific keywords (brand names or descriptive terms) your matching featured Ad will rotate at the top and bottom of the search results. See the below example:


In this scenario, the shopper has searched the keyword "acreage". The the relevant featured Ad is emphasized in the search results.


Fig 3. Viewing Ad Details 
While a shopper’s interest is engaged with a specific Ad, featured Ads are displayed below the Ad content on every basic listing. See the below example:


Fig 4. Highlighted Ad 
As shoppers browse, sort, or search the standard listings, featured Ads are highlighted to attract attention. See the below example:


The Featured Ad will maximize your Ads reach across multiple placements and search. Increasing your Ads visibility optimizes the performance. Boost your advertising exposure!

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