Banner Ad Beginners Guide

The Local Sales Network has a large audience of local users inside your target geographic area who are engaged and receptive, on the hunt for products and services.  Radio, Billboards, TV and other forms of local advertising can be effective promotional tools for your business, but reaching potential customers when they are most receptive is not always possible. Your advertising efforts are limited geographically (billboards) or to specific time slots (radio, television). LSN banners are available to all our regions, anytime. And, your potential customers are already shopping for goods and services!


Measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is extremely difficult without good feedback, which is rarely provided with traditional media. The LSN campaign manager makes tracking your advertising performance simple. You’ll be able to see how many times your ad was viewed and the number of clicks you received. Those clicks bring the consumer directly to your website, Facebook page, or LSN Storefront.


 LSN can also narrow targeting to smaller geographic areas and specific interests to better suit your requirements and increase relevance.  It is easy and affordable to reach your customers, you can find them on LSN. Your account manager will assist you with ad buys, design, and targeting that maximizes your advertising results.


LSN is the local network for doing business in your community. Save time, save money, and reach more local consumers with your advertising budget on the Local Sales Network,!


LSN is the best local advertising because...

  • Local Audience: local consumers looking for local goods and services
  • Regional: reach more potential customers locally
  • Guaranteed Impressions: buy direct and reserve available inventory
  • No Bidding: not an auction platform in a competitor saturated market
  • Maximize Ad Budget: cost less than traditional advertising media for more exposure
  • Ad Performance: campaign stats are viewable in the campaign manager
  • Account Manager: advertising specialist to assist you with your campaigns
  • Easy: simple order process


LSN reaches more consumers more often for less than other local advertising media.


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Banners are sold in packages using the CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions) pricing model.  The minimum package of ad views is 100,000.  Your campaign is debited when your banner is displayed in increments of 1,000. The banner order form will automatically calculate the campaign cost with ad views and intensity settings selected.


Click here to visit the campaign order form to preview pricing.



  1. Click the New Campaign button
  2. Name the campaign
  3. Select the Target Zone
  4. Adjust the Ad views to buy more advertising
  5. Adjust the Intensity to change the campaign length
  6. The campaign cost is calculated automatically
  7. Save the campaign.  An account representative will contact you to finalize the order.


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