How To Upload Photos

There are two image uploaders available for adding pictures to your LSN classified ads.  Learn more about how to use the Advanced Uploader and the Simple Uploader.

Advanced Uploader:

The Advanced Uploader provides the capability to upload multiple photos simultaneously.

  1. Click the Add Photos button
  2. Locate the directory where your photos are saved
  3. Select one or more photos you would like to showcase in your LSN classified ad.
  4. Once selected, your photos will automatically begin uploading.  The upload status will be displayed with a progress bar on each individual photo.
  5. After all of your photos have completed uploading, click the Save & Continue button.

The Advanced Uploader also supports the convenient drag and drop upload functionality.


Simple Uploader: 

If you encounter any technical issues using the Advanced Uploader, Try using the Simple Uploader… Read Below:

The Simple Uploader is a traditional image upload form that transfers one image at a time.  Locate the text under the Advanced Uploader that reads “switch to the simple uploader”.

  1. Click Simple Uploader link.
  2. Click the Choose File button
  3. Locate the directory where your photos are saved.
  4. Select the photo you want to upload. The form field will change from “No file chosen” to display the path to the selected photo.
  5. Click the Upload button
  6. Repeat to upload another image or click the Save & Continue button if finished adding photos.


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