How to order a Banner Ad?

 1. Login to your LSN account.  If you do not have an account Click Here

2. Once you are logged in you will to locate the Banner Ads button and click it.





3. Click the dark blue New Campaign button

4. This is the Banner Ad Order Form.  


You may be asked to provide some contact information.  Click the edit button, complete the form, and save.


Next you will want to choose the 300x250 Medium Rectangle button.  The 300x250 Medium Rectangle ad will display on Mobile, Tablets, and Desktops.  The 728x90 Leaderboard ad is only available on Desktop.

1. Start Date - Select the when you want your campaign to start.

2. Intensity - This is how many times your ad will show each day.  Drag the blue slider to adjust the amount of times your ad is displayed in a 24 hour period.

3. Ad Views - This is how many times your ad will display for the duration of your campaign. It' defaults to the lowest package of Ad Views, but you can slide the blue bar to increase the Ad Views for your campaign

Changing the Ad Views and Intensity will automatically calculate the Cost and Campaign Length

Think of Banner Advertising like a TV commercial.  Each Ad View is a commercial spot. How many total commercials do you want to buy?  How many times do you want your commercial to show per day? When would you like to start showing your commercials?


It's going to ask you to choose between these options:  I'll create the banner or Design my banner for $100.  If you know graphic design or have access to a experienced graphic designer and want to provide your own artwork... Awesome!  If you  don't have any real experience designing advertisements for the internet, don't think you are going to save $100 and do it yourself.  If you don't design it to the required specs the ad server will reject the artwork.  Call 931-303-0001 and ask to speak to Andy. I can give you some tips or email you Photoshop or Illustrator template.

If you are new to online advertising or just want a little assistance getting started, that's what we are here for... please give us a call at 931-303-0001.  Our advertising experts will explain how banner advertising on LSN works and answer any questions you have about banner ads.  

We look forward to earning your business.

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